CircusYoga connects and empowers families and communities through creative expression, embodied play and co-authored culture. Artfully designed to engage all ages, CircusYoga blends the consciousness of yoga with the celebration of circus, reconnecting us all to our "human art of play."


CircusYoga is a principle-based practice centered on and grounded in:

  • inclusion,
  • connection,
  • co-authorship &
  • empathy


CircusYoga fosters connection, play and communication through:

  • Community & Mandala Yoga
  • Partner Yoga, Acrobatics & Flying
  • Group Games & Invention
  • Circus Skills: Juggling, Diabolo, Devil Sticks and more
  • Clowning & Physical Comedy
  • Balance in poses, on a Pipe and on a Tight Wire
  • Creative Movement & Dance
  • Thai Yoga Massage

Throughout our lives, we tend to be grouped with others close to our own age, and, as a result, often end up learning mostly from our peers. In CircusYoga, we co-create an inclusive practice and become a diverse tribe of life-long learners and teachers discovering balance, joy, courage, agelessness and appropriate risk.

This diversity makes CircusYoga a rich experience—everyone benefits as the wisdom of age collaborates with the energy of youth. And transformation happens as all ages practice together and build self-confidence, focus, trust and teamwork.

We invite parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents to participate with their kids, and welcome anyone aged 7 and up. This includes adults without kids. Teachers, yoga instructors, circus educators, family social workers and occupational therapists all gain new techniques applicable to their own work and play.