The fire of CircusYoga was ignited by the spark between Erin Maile and Kevin O'Keefe when they met at a dance party at Kevin’s NYC apartment in 1997. They found their first common language on the dance floor that night. That spark ignited the flame of CircusYoga based on their shared interest in the power of community, expressive movement and play. From that moment, Erin's training in dance, yoga and embodied learning, combined with Kevin's experience in circus, theater and performance, and gave rise to the principles and practices of CircusYoga. In their first conversation off the dance floor, they shared their passion for teaching, Kevin through Circus Minimus and Erin through in-school creative arts and movement curriculums. Kevin and Erin became the first co-authors and "fire-tenders" of the CircusYoga flame.

CircusYoga was named in 1999 and the first Comunity Retreat was hosted by Kripalu Center in 2000. In 2002, Erin and Kevin began training teachers who wanted to learn how to facilitate many of the CircusYoga practices. They took it on the road, traveling and teaching across the country and around the globe... India, Thailand, The Philippines, Australia, Tasmania, Hawai’i, Mexico, Belgium, Holland and Israel. 

CircusYoga is an ongoing flame of co-authorship and co-creation. Today, that flame is tended by over 300 CircusYoga teachers worldwide, and it lives in the hearts of all who participate in these joyous experiences!


Our practice is constantly being discovered. We aim to be good listeners before teachers. As a result, CircusYoga reflects everyone who has ever gathered to practice with us and those experiences they bring with them. We are deeply grateful to all of you and hope this web site expresses your brilliance.