Braddon Hall


CYTT: Ring Three

hometown: Columbus, Ohio

current residence: Boulder, Colorado

teaching area: Colorado

current teaching: CircusYoga-based classes, Yoga, Meditation Instruction

education/training/experience: Poppy to 2 boys Calvin (11) and Creek (8), CircusYoga Teacher Training Level 1, 22 Years of Ashtanga Yoga Practice, 5 Years Meditation Practice and Body Work, Reggie Ray Meditation Instructor, Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, Meditating With the Body, All Shambhala Levels, Yoga Teacher Training with Richard Freeman, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga Institute (Mysore, India), architecture and pre-med college degrees

influential teachers: Reggie Ray, Richard Freeman, Suddha Weixler, Annie Pace

current studies/adventures: Meditating with the Body, Body Centered Meditation and Buddhist Studies, Vajrayana Ngondro

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Braddon Hall

Boulder, Colorado

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