Animals & Habitats In-School Residency, Harding Township, NJ

CircusYoga blends the practice of yoga with the skills of circus. Through this two-week interdisciplinary residency K-4 students will explore life sciences, creativity and connection. Yoga is an ancient science that teaches us how to be aware of our bodies in action. Circus is a culture of inclusion and celebration that teaches us how remarkable we can be in our bodies. We will begin by exploring habitats and the living structures and creatures in that environment. We will learn how to move our bodies like the animals, birds, insects and water dwellers we study. Students create masks and collaborate on a mural backdrop of their chosen habitat. CircusYoga offers a cooperative learning environment. Some schools opt to offer a full-circle learning experience where kids teach their parents what they’ve learned in a family workshop. Students are met where they are, and are encouraged to lead with their curiosity. Through this exploration each class will co-create a performing act. The culminating experience will be an hour-long CircusYoga Celebration open to the whole school community. Animals & Habitats Curriculum with Erin Maile O'Keefe Grade: K Harding Township, NJ More information on In-School Residencies