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Human Art of Play programs are grounded in research demonstrating the benefits of play in adult environments. (citations and footnotes). The Human Art of Play programs use CircusYoga’s principles and practices which have been found to be highly effective in multigenerational environments; the same dynamics which often exist in institutional environments. The cultivation of empathy and connection between stakeholders with differing levels of authority results in more effective, more productive and less stressful work environments.

The collaboration between Human Art of Play facilitators and corporate leadership invites enhanced communication, information sharing, and authentic connections which promote job satisfaction and staff retention while reducing workplace stress. These supportive relationships among peers, superiors and subordinates create a safe and interdependent culture which promotes thought-leadership and problem-solving in the best interests of the organization.

The Human Art of Play can be a half-day or multi-day event, and can stand by itself or be woven into a larger business activity, at the workplace or at offsites. 

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