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2012_NPS_HumanBodyBanners While every residency is designed specifically to meet your school’s needs, culture and curriculum, here are the basics of a typical CircusYoga In-School Residency.

grades served:





Teaching artists lead 6 sessions per day, serving six different class groups of approximately 25. The residency kicks off with a 30-minute opening meeting, when the teaching artist frames the residency experience and theme for all of the students, educators and administrators.

closing performance/assembly:

On the last day of the residency, the kids will both run-through and perform our hour-long co-authored show for their classmates, families and the whole community.

parent/family involvement:

An additional option for schools is to include a family workshop just after the show. This encourages full-circle learning, as kids teach the parents what they have learned and invite them to try the skills. We also invite parents that wish to learn side by side with their kids to participate in the daily lessons over the two weeks as ìParent Ambassadors.î This has proven to be wonderfully rewarding and supportive for everyone.This can also be done as a seperate Family Fun Night.

number of students served:

One teaching artist can work with up to 150 students and two for up to 300 students.

additional costs:

Teaching artist(s) may need housing if school is further than 50 miles from their home. Travel expenses will also be added in this case. Airline travel will most likely be necessary for locations over 350 miles from home.

space needs:

Typically we use a theater, open gymnasium or empty classroom at least 25í by 25í for our sessions, and a stage for our performance. We also require a closet or area to store props and equipment.

equipment/material needs:

Our list includes enough gymnastics mats to cover the stage, a stage sound system, an easel, newsprint and markers. There may be other art supplies and materials needed based on the emergent design of the residency. In most cases these are recycled materials. We will bring a car-load of our typical CircusYoga equipment and props.

other possible curricular tie-Ins:

Students often make banners, posters, diaramas, masks and/or costumes. Art and music teachers can get involved in the theme, too, adding to the big show.

pre-planning meeting:

We will schedule a conference call with the teachers, administrators and parent organizers. At this meeting, the classroom teachers will choose the curricular focus and CircusYoga activity for their students. We will discuss every element of the residency and leave this meeting with clarity on the schedule, details and design.

2014 CY_Residency Animals Habitats

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