for teachers + group leaders

CircusYoga® Ring One Immersion Ignite the CircusYoga fire in you. Begin your path to becoming a CircusYoga teacher. Or simply get infused with the principles of connection, community and play during this experiential weekend.
We will experience:
  • connection through foundational principles and practices of CircusYoga
  • play & creativity within an inclusive group
  • partnering in Hatha, Thai and Flying Yoga
  • circus skills including juggling, balance, clowning & partner acrobatics
  • yogic awareness in relating to self and others
The weekend will kick off with a Community Workshop. Included in tuition is the CircusYoga® Ring One Manual. This is also the prerequisite for the CircusYoga® Ring Two Teacher Training.
CircusYoga® Ring Two Teacher Training
During this week-long training we will stoke the fire in us and explore the CircusYoga principles and practices as teachers on our path. We will:
  • dive more deeply into CY principles, practices and culture
  • cultivate trust and inclusion in groups and partners
  • incorporate the energy and creativity of the whole group
  • soar in the practices of Flying Partner Yoga and Mandala Yoga
  • integrate our own skills and expressions into the CY culture
  • expand our circus skills in diabolo, devil sticks, poi, wire and more
  • create transitions that welcome, reflect and celebrate any group
  • practice more partner acrobatics, human pyramids and tribalasanas
  • learn teaching progressions and modifications and spotting
  • explore the power of play as the seed of creativity, intelligence and resilience
  • listen to and follow the gifts in the room when we teach
  • discover our unique passion and voice in teaching
  • honor our questions as teachers and mine the gold within them
  • nurture ourselves and each other with Thai Yoga massage
  • analyze relationship dynamics and discern when and how to intercede
  • develop a specific practice tailored to our community
At the end of our week together all of the Teacher Training participants will co-lead a Community Workshop. Included in tuition is the CircusYoga® Ring Two Manual.
*Please note that following the Ring Two Teacher Training is the Ring Three Mentorship Year. It is only after engaging in Ring Three that you are qualified to teach CircusYoga classes and workshops.
CircusYoga® Ring Three Mentorship Year
We offer this year as a rich personal journey, intended to hold you in your exploration as a teacher. The focus of Ring Three is to be witnessed and supported in how you integrate the CircusYoga principles and practices into your teaching and community. We’ve created specific supports for you in this process that focus on class planning, teaching, co-teaching, reflecting and mentorship. Eight teachers will be initiated together into the Ring Three journey as a clan. The hope is that this clan will become an on-going, sustainable resource for all its members.
Ring Three Mentorship Year is comprised of the following components:
  • teaching & co-teaching in your community
  • planning & reflecting forms
  • expanding the circle by reaching under-served populations as a volunteer
  • peer to peer feedback & completion of peer reflection forms
  • assisting programs with Erin & Kevin (workshops or trainings)
  • mentorship sessions with Erin and/or Kevin
  • monthly conference calls with level three clan
  • bi-weekly check-in with clan buddy
  • giving to the CircusYoga teachers’ community by sharing resources and talents
  • offering at a CircusYoga Teachers’ Gathering (In this, you will lead the circle in a practice that has been emblematic in your learning as a CircusYoga teacher.
To engage in Ring Three, submit the CYTT Ring 3 Application with the program tuition. You will receive Planning & Reflecting Forms to begin your journey once your clan is formed and initiated. Ring Three Graduations will be celebrated at the bi-annual CircusYoga Teachers’ Gatherings.
*After completing CYTT Ring One and Two, AND being accepted into Ring Three, you can then lead CircusYoga® classes & workshops in your community.
CircusYoga® Teachers’ Gathering (1 to 3 days)
CircusYoga Teachers from across the country and around the world gather together for 3 days to share their practice, play and experiences. Experienced CY teachers and practitioners working in a wide range of applications will share what they've learned and how they've adapted the principles and practices of CircusYoga to their communities.
Here are a few of our guiding inspirations & example offerings for the gathering:
  • Peer-led exchanges
  • Bridging diverse communities
  • Teaching from an authentic expression of self
  • Our teaching heroes
  • Transparency in teaching— aligning inner and outer
  • Exploring the role of the Teacher in society
  • Teaching as a spiritual path
  • New practices and games
  • Advanced flying, circus skills and partner acrobatics
  • More circus skills: hula hoops, poi, hats, stilts...
  • CircusYoga in family therapy
  • CircusYoga with special needs populations
  • Teaching CircusYoga in-school residencies
Most importantly, this is our chance as teachers to fill our wells, and mostly... PLAY!