for therapeutic environments

As an educator, service provider or parent you know the impact of budgets, time restrictions, stretched resources and limited student enthusiasm on your mission. CircusYoga delivers an enormous list of objectives that can address these issues in fun and engaging sessions. We work with organizations to meet their core curriculum needs and specific therapeutic goals through a uniquely specialized approach to embodiment, connection and self-expression. By design, CircusYoga workshops provide unique opportunities for developmentally accessible and appropriately challenging interpersonal experiences through a real-live, embodied, social-learning adventure that inspires learners and educators alike. Our facilitators are able to work with everyone in the room to generate a space that is encouraging and playfully structured, in a wide variety of therapeutic residential and educational settings.  The practice is highly adaptable for working within the rules and policies of institutions while creating flexible opportunities to foster a highly positive cultural tone. This tone resonates in the minds and bodies of participants long after the experience.   The Social & Personal Development Objectives experienced through CircusYoga's facilitated play:
  • Experience the benefits of attunement and developmental movement
  • Develop group skills through productive conspiracy (making eye contact, active listening, understanding role clarity, celebrating inspiration, acknowledging each other, various levels of permission seeking, turn taking)
  • Deepen awareness of self and other (identifying feelings, exploring trust and empathy, finding patience, experiencing gratitude, appreciating self and others) 
  • Foster a relationally safe culture of inclusion and confidence (errorless learning: celebrating mistakes, accomplishments & discoveries)
  • Engage in appropriate risk-taking (self-expression, being seen and heard, physical challenge)
Outcomes or Secondary Objectives:
  • Increase Positive Associations with Physical Activities
  • Provide Developmental Support for Individuals
  • Promote Trauma Healing Through Embodiment
  • Generate “Learning Ready” Status for Learners
  • Share Positive and Portable Cultural Elements
  • Build Relational Capacity and Family Bonding
  • Increase Creative Expression
  • Develop Problem Solving and Conflict Skills