Tara “Yaya” Mooney

Yaya2014 I have been a “Circus Wannabe” since one of my older brothers joined Ringling Brothers as a clown back in the early 80s. It was not long after he joined the ring that I discovered my mat and began a lifelong practice in yoga at the Heartwood Healing Arts Institute in Garberville, California, where I spent five months living, working, and practicing Iyengar Yoga in the mountains. This was an important retreat from my 10 years of performing and training in Shakespeare, Commedia Dell’Arte, musical theater, political theater, ritual and performance art. My journey was changing shape as I became more aware of the various injustices of the world and the need for theater as a tool for change for EVERYONE.  I marched and performed in the streets endlessly, but I longed for a more concrete feeling of change. To that end, I studied and became an Expressive Arts Therapist and a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) and tried to effect change in a more personal context, bringing creative tools to addicts in recovery, at risk and incarcerated youth, traumatized men and women, veterans, elders, people with AIDS, and people with disabilities. As a performer, I’ve traversed the worlds of stage, film, site-specific performance, street theater, improvisation, dance/movement, voice-over, experimental voice work, sound art, social and environmental justice, and the healing arts. In any setting, I see myself as a Change Agent seeking simple moments of connection with one’s creative voice and with each other. If this connection can bring about personal and communal transformation, we are continuing the work of changing our world! I see breathing and playing together a simple act toward community in a world that struggles with authentic connection. This is what I teach. Please contact me if you want to hear more about my experience and what I could offer you and your community. CYTT:  Ring Three Hometown:  Brockton, MA “City of Champions” Where I live:  New York, NY & Sharon, Vermont (summer) Where I teach:  Live Your Life/People’s Theatre Project (Teach health & wellness using theater, Create & perform original show) Bread & Yoga’s After School Program:  Performance Lab 4 KidZ (ensemble, theater games, creative movement Workshops, Private Sessions, Parties, Events Education/training/experience: MA Expressive Arts Therapies, BA Interdisciplinary Studies:  Eco-Feminism, Psychology & Theater (includes 2 years of professional theater training) Cheerleading, gymnastics, Voice-over, Voice/Movement Therapy & Training, Theater of the Oppressed (games for actors & non-actors)-Studied extensively with Boal at the Brecht Forum in NYC, taught & presented on his work throughout New England and in Toronto where I was a delegate to the International Festival of the Theater of the Oppressed. Improvisor:  Contact, Comedy, Music, Yoga: Iyengar trained, Vinyasa practice, Tai Chi/Chi Kung, Butoh, Clown, Afro-Caribbean and Contemporary dance Influential Teachers:  David Schein, John O’Keefe, Daena Giardella, Richard Toma, Augusto Boal, Paul Newham, Sara Shelton Mann, Keith Hennessy, Katsura Kan, Cle Douglas, Joi Gresham, Carol Swann, Gayna Uransky, Lisa Benner, Nancy Preston, my family. Current studies/adventures:  Ukulele, Directing, Writing, Creating support/retreats for Artists (of all kinds), Activists & Educators, CircusYoga/Ring 3, raising our fabulous son. Contact me:  Tara Mooney, yayamoon9@yahoo.com,  917-664-3951