WT McRae

wtmcrae WT McRae is a clown, knitter, juggler, musician, actor, designer, poet and a physical theatre artist. WT has been performing Clown based shows in schools and theaters for over 12 years. Recently his performance focus has been on ensemble based devised work--working with Salmon Spawn, A Space Between, and Spellbound Theatre. When he is not performing it is his joy to have the opportunity to teach people. As a teaching artist, WT has traveled as far as Alaska teaching circus, theatre, and clown. WT teaches professional development workshops for teachers and teaching artists working with students with special needs.  He has been with CircusYoga for 4 years, but he has also worked closely with Circus Minimus, The New Victory Theater, Burlington City Arts, Bronx Arts Ensemble, and Sitka Fine Arts Camp--where he is the director of theater. He is excited to be working with the circus yoga community in every way! teacher training: Ring Five my hometown: Denver, CO where I live: Astoria, NY where I teach: Astoria, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Alaska, Vermont, Massachusetts. Or… CircusYoga, Circus Minimus, New victory theater, Young audiences of New Jersey, Sitka fine arts camp… Anywhere I AM. what I practice & teach: Compassion, human citizenship, circus, juggling, dance, acting, yoga, theater, visual arts my education, training & experience: BFA acting, BFA scenic design, BS premed, minor dance, minor visual art, minor philosophy - Adelphi University my influential teachers: Russel Granet- who taught me to work methodically, Erin Maile O'Keefe- who taught me to be a flexible lithe teacher, kent Talmage Bowers- who taught me to be a life long learner, and Lynn Fleming- who taught me teachers could become family my current studies & adventures: I am studying art in all forms and living the adventure of making a life in the arts. Every day is different and I welcome the sun. WT McRae 32-23 35th st. #2R Astoria, NY 11106 516-369-0522 Witmac@mac.com wtmcrae.com